No Flash
Half Page
300 x 600

Dimensions: 300 Pixels Wide by 600 Pixels Tall (300 x 600)

File Size: 40KB or Less
(IAB standard for maximum delivery and compatibility)

Border: Minimum 1 Pixel Border or High-Contrast Background that clearly distinguishes ad from page

File Formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, & SWF

SWF Requirements (Flash Creative):

  • Max Video & Animation Frame Rate =
    24 frames per second (fps)
  • Animation Length: 15 Seconds (max)
  • Animation Loops: 3 (max)
  • Flash Player Version 10.1 or Lower
  • ActionScript 2.0 Compliant (AS2)
  • Include the AS2 "clickTAG" code below for maximum compatibility:

    on (release) { if (_root.clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:" || _root.clickTAG.substr(0,6) == "https:") {getURL(_root.clickTAG, "_blank");}}

  • To validate SWF compatibility, please use:
  • Backup File: A JPG, PNG, or GIF file must be provided with SWFs for compatibility with browsers that don't support Flash animation
  • Audio: Default setting turned to off. All audio must be click-initiated by the user



  • JPG/GIF/PNG files may only use 1 click-through URL
  • SWF files may use multiple click-through URLs


  • Short, concise message
  • One dominant element
  • Strong call to action - tell the user why they should click on the advertisement
  • Use an abbreviated location description, especially if it is local


  • JPG or JPEG - recommended for static ads that contain photographs, graduated screens or several colors
  • Static GIF - recommended for static ads with solid or few colors
  • Animated GIF - recommended for ads with solid or few colors and only one or two animated frames
  • Shockwave (SWF) - recommended for complicated animation including multiple frames, colors and graphics
  • Third party ad tags (testing through AdOps recommended before scheduling)


  • Videos can be served inside this ad size unit
  • This ad size unit can be set up to expand twice its width
  • Expansion and video starts have to be user initiated