Various (See Guidelines)


  • Expanding ads consist of two components:  the original ad size that is served and the expanded panel
  • Expanding ads can be a maximum size of twice their original width
  • Leaderboards can be a maximum size of twice their original height
  • The original ad loads, then expands when user initiated
  • The ad will stay expanded until the user chooses to close it
  • Both components must have a border on all sides or bound by color in the background
  • The combined weight for all components must be under 100kb (kilobytes)
  • Multiple click thrus are available for this ad type
  • Expanding ads must have a close or collapse button
  • If the expanding ad contains a video, see video ads for specifics

The click thru URL is embedded by the designer, not by the scheduling process through AdOps.

Expanding ads are served through ad tags.  The following file types can be accepted to generate ad tags for an expanding ad.

  • JPG or JPEG - recommended for static ads that contain photographs, graduated screens or several colors
  • Static GIF - recommended for static ads with solid or few colors
  • Animated GIF - recommended for ads with solid or few colors and only one or two animated frames
  • Shockwave (SWF) - recommended for complicated animation including multiple frames, colors and graphics


Expanded ads are a great advertising vehicle to share a message that has extensive, detailed copy.  Examples include:

  • An events calendar
  • Details of an event or concert
  • Featured product details
  • Display a map with directions
  • The biography of a speaker
  • Employment advertising
  • To showcase a video (see video ads)

Expanding ads give you the opportunity to feature a dynamic message or strong, visual call-to-action by allowing for more room or “white” space in the design.  The details of the message can be reserved for placement inside the expanded panel.


  • Medium Rectangle:  300 x 250 to 600 x 250
  • Wide Skyscraper:  160 x 600 to 320 x 600
  • Half Page:  300 x 600 to 600 x 600
  • Leaderboard:  728 x 90 to 728 x 180