Mobile Video Banner
320 x 50 / 300 x 250

SIZE:  320x50 or 300x250


The following video formats are accepted:

  • mov (Quicktime)
  • wmv (Windows Media)
  • avi
  • mpg
  • mp4


Once a video file is compressed with audio, any edits to the video will also effect the timing of the audio.  And vise versa, any changes made to the audio will also effect the timing of the video.  A change to one will effect the other usually creating undesired results.

Therefore it is recommended that edits to any video be performed by the client or individual who has access to the original file(s) before the audio and video were compressed together.


This mobile web banner serves a full screen pop up video to a mobile device. It can begin as a 320x50 or 300x250 ad, and is both Apple and Android compatible.

Example may be viewed here. (Best viewed from mobile device)


NOTE: The 300x250 size is not able to serve from the top position.