Email Campaigns
600 x 1100 (see below)

Single Image

  • One click-through URL
  • 640 x ~480 (approximate height)
  • Less than 70k in weight



The CSC can build two types of emails:


Single-Image emails can be built to match any print or digital ad, and can be designed however the customer would like. Final file size should be 640 x 480 pixels, and must remain under 70kb in total weight. Please keep this in mind when including elements. More Pixels = More Weight, and could result in lower-quality images. Single-Image emails can only have one Link. Multiple links are not supported with this type of email. If multiple links are needed, a Template should be used instead of a Single-Image.


 It's recommended that Template-Based emails should follow the layout of the templates included below. Including these templates and using them as layouts when submitting materials to the CSC will greatly reduce your turnaround times and revision counts. 

Some adjustments can be made to these templates, including: 

  • Colors & Font Types/Sizes: A full list of available Fonts can be found here: Custom Fonts may be possible, but would require converting the font to an Image. 
  • Duplicating / Removing / Re-sizing Existing Elements 

If a revision is requested that will not fit within the email's current template, the artist will notify the rep and offer another solution. 

If a new email is requested that does not fit within the templates listed below, a layout will be required from the sales team so the artist will know how the elements should be arranged. Please note that not all custom layouts will be possible if multiple links are required. 

It's recommended to order "off-template" emails as specs initially due to the extra time required to build.

See this guide for more info on templates »